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iAvocado's 100% Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado Oil is made from fresh handpicked California HASS avocados from sustainable farms. Cold-pressed avocado oil benefits you with raw avocado which preserves vitamins, flavors and natural antioxidants. Well, avocado promotes monounsaturated fats which help in lowering your cholesterol that again protects your heart, increases nutrient absorption and promotes weight loss. We all have faced stomach problems like acidity, obesity, overeating due to unhealthy oil, or let’s call it the incorrect choice towards oil, avocado oil helps in lowering the acidity naturally.

Choose your oil which is the best instead which is healthy!

Qualities of Fresh Avocado and Oil:

  1. It is 100% natural extra virgin avocado oil which is ethically curated. No added preservatives or enzymes.
  2. It is the perfect oil for your every day cooking because you believe in eating healthy and we believe in delivering healthy.
  3. Avocado oil is also my number one choice for an anti-aging and moisturizing topical oil for my skin, scalp and hair.
  4. High in omega 3, 6, 9, vitamin e, beta-sitosterol, monounsaturated fats and lutein.
  5. It is a naturally nutrient-dense food containing many vitamins and minerals.

Ways to consume:

Oil for everyday cooking at all kinds of temperature.

Multipurpose oil with heart, beauty and body benefits. For all your needs- inside and out.

Can be used for 'infant, baby and children' cooking, massage and a substitute for diaper cream.

Benefits :

Wonders on your skin: Avocado oil is a great tool for cooking flavorful and healthy meals. It’s an excellent source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. But have you ever considered using this delicious fruit to soothe and heal your skin? The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in avocado oil help your skin stay smooth, strong, and elastic.

Improves eye health: Lutein is a carotenoid found in avocado oil. This nutrient improves eye health and may lower the risk of age-related eye diseases. 

Absorption of important nutrients: There is good reason to include a healthy fat source like avocado oil when eating vegetables, as it may increase the absorption of carotenoid antioxidants.

May reduce symptoms of Arthritis: Arthritis is a disease that involves painful inflammation of the joints. It's very common and affects millions of people worldwide. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It is associated with the breakdown of cartilage in joints. Avocado oil extract may relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Great for reducing high cholesterol:  Avocado oil was found to be the most effective in increasing HDL, the “good" cholesterol. Avocado oil may reduce blood triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels, as well as lower blood pressure.

Avocado oil is highly versatile: Avocado oil is highly versatile and easy to incorporate into your diet. Avocado oil can be used in many ways. It can be added cold to salads or smoothies and is also great for cooking, grilling or baking.

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