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There is definitely more to Mosambi juice than its sweet and tangy taste! Want to know more on how it can benefit your health while keeping you feeling fit and refreshed? Read further…

Mausambi, or sweet lime as it is called, is a fruit with great benefits for the health. Being as a seasonal fruit, Mausambi is available mostly in summers and hence both the fruit and its naturally sweet and tangy juice can make you feel refreshed and energized in an instant. Grown mostly in the tropical climate of South-East Asia, this citrus fruit is enriched with goodness of Vitamin C, which helps in curing various ailments. Want to recover from cold and flu? Have Mausambi. Want your immune system to function properly? Include a daily dose of mausambi juice in your diet. Want to shed some extra pounds? Eat mausambi. There is no denying the fact that a glass of Mosambi juice can do so much more for your overall health and well-being than just taste delightful.

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