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This page intends to inform our users about our terms and conditions of using the website and data. If you are browsing this website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and bound by the conditions listed below.

Terms like ‘we’ and ‘us’ refer to the team iAvocado and terms like ‘you’ refers to the ‘user’ or ‘customer’ of the website. We do not refer to someone specifically. Our terms and conditions are applicable and bounds every user of this website.

Following are the subjected Terms and Conditions of this website:

1. The information present on this website is subject to general use and selling products. It can be changed or modified any time as per the requirements.

2. In this website, we do not guarantee you about any accuracies, time limits, and performance. At the time of using the website, you agree to the condition that any information containing such terms may have accuracies, exceptions or errors.

3. Your use of action on this website is your own responsibility. We are not responsible for any use of information throughout this website. Using this website presents that information mentioned on this website or any product is satisfying to you.

4. Unauthorized use of this website can be a matter of claim or criminal offense.

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