About Us

iAvocado offers and brings the best quality imported as well as Indian fruits, fresh healthy drinks, fresh vegetables, and 100% natural avocado edible oil to cater their clients and customer with a healthy meal and a healthy diet. In the world full of fast lives, we tend to miss the opportunity of being healthy but iAavocado delivers the health to your doorstep. If wondering about how hygienic the products would be then why don’t you just try, order and see our hygienic packaging which completely promotes healthy and hygienic meal.

It’s always hard to stick at your timetables whether your gym or meetings but why worry when you can fix it with a click.

“iAvocado believes in making a healthier life in a healthier day with a healthier meal.”

We are in making of India’s supply chain better and smooth with use of technology to deliver fresh fruits, vegetables & juices to anyone and everyone. We believe in taking health to the new heights and raising the standard of cooking to our customers by offering them the healthiest cooking oil. We often try to live a healthy life in terms of setting our correct measure to eat healthy but what happens when we are not able to achieve that? iAvocado delivers that correct measure and a good healthy diet to you at your doorstep.

We aim at providing solution and services to farmers and rural communities of the country. We are encouraging direct supply from farmers which further reaches at the best quality to their end consumer.

The worry goes with a click because we also aim at providing resources to farmers that reach our end customers. Till the time it was the fight for resources, supply, awareness of health and healthy mediums. iAvocado is raising a hand to everyone in the field to overcome this together by making a largest supply chain and giving everyone a healthy life which they deserve.

What are we doing?

The problems:

  • The never ending list of bad experiences which generally farmers face such as price risk which works on demand and supply chain, demand cannot be altered and hence is the issue for late pay

  • The problem further lead to higher prices and low quality product to the customer. Isn’t that the whole fight is about?

  • The traditional supply chain is not effective and it has a high rate of food wastage. People who deserve the healthy life style are unable to get because of unorganized supply chains, are we always the last one to receive the healthy diet?


  • iAvocado eliminates the middle men by working on the systematic supply chain using technology and analytics. This is an agenda set by iAvocado to promote healthy meal to everyone in the society and trying to resolve the issue one by one to bring the change.

  • In the era of technology we tend to build fastest logistics and infrastructure to solve the ineffectiveness in the supply chain. Hence, if together we work, we can surely successfully cater our customers with a healthy life.

  • The first side of the coin; farmer receives better prices with great demand and on the other side of coin; consumer receives fresh fruits at affordable prices delivered to your doorstep.

  • With the help of technology iAvocado not only believes in healthy life but also provides hygienic packaging to their customers for a doubt-free living.

Mapping future:

Vision:iAvocado believes in using technology to build the largest supply chain for fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and oils. It influences the healthy life and would want every consumer to lead one. We want to spread our wings to most fragmented parts of societies, bring a new set of categories in the product and keep growing the line with systematic supply chain.

The whole race is about setting that “healthy” life which people talk about but are not able to live one because of unsystematic supply chains. The organized supply chain will help us to reach untouched part of society and to promote the healthy life style in an economical pricing which is affordable to all sections of society.